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Our consulting services concentrate on initiating and guiding continual improvement transformation programmes using best practice frameworks

Technology has such a high impact on enterprise strategy and operations, and on competitiveness in an increasingly information dependent world.  It has become imperative for business and technology goals to converge, value be delivered and related risks to be managed.

Governance and effective stakeholder relationships, enable enterprises to achieve effective and transparent use of technology to deliver business value, while making sure there is clear and understandable communication of objectives and plans.  This requires teamwork and shared responsibilities at all levels from top management downwards.

Our services support continual improvement transformation programmes by providing educational interventions, coaching and on-the -job consulting. The goal is to create sustainable beneficial returns from technology enabled business changes based on transfer of practical knowledge. Improvement is usually focused on process maturity, policy and organisational transition to increase the return on investment, reduce risks and lower costs . Using our experience and expertise, we are able to spend less time analysing and assessing and more time enabling our client to transform its working practices.

We focus on what we believe to be the most important areas in a digital environment, and make use of the most strategic best practices. In particular we are able to guide Strategy, Business Relationship Management from the BRM Institute, and ISACA’s COBIT resources for Governance implementation. As well as Value Management, Enterprise Architecture, Service Management and Security. All supported by Emotional Intelligence, driving trust and effective communication between service providers and business partners. Using a combination of workshops and focused training, we drive a top-down business aligned approach that creates a holistic and cohesive foundation for executing against enterprise strategies.

We are not contractors. We are true consultants.

We’re not here to do the job for you. Our goal is to guide and mentor you as a business partner. We’ll help you develop the capabilities necessary to maintain, then continually improve your investment in technology.

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