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Grab@Pizza Business Simulation




Grab@Pizza was a very successful company, selling millions of pizza’s every year. But after 6 months in the current year, the sales figures are far below expectations. The CEO urges the Business Manager to make a challenging recovery plan.

The Simulation is based on a 6 month strategy to bring the sales and profit back on target. Technology is a crucial enabler for reaching new markets, streamlining processes and reducing administrative overheads. The IT department must organize themselves to explore the business demands, become part of the business strategy and utilize specific capabilities to ensure that the business is successful at the end of the simulation.

The simulation takes us on a journey of convergence, where business and IT become one and the same – sharing strategy, ownership and success! During the day we look at;

  • Creating Business Value using technology
  • Developing an outside-in Customer focus
  • Understanding how to practically apply BRM best practices such to realize a sustainable change in attitude, behavior and culture in both the business & provider functions
  • How IT must be involved in business decision making
  • Improving end-to-end collaboration and communication

* * Pricing shown is discounted for our BRM Impact Week (Region 4, 11-15th November), and includes a further Early bird discount until 30th September 2019 * *

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