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About Us

Find out a little about us and our history.

In a bold move to follow his passion, Gary Hardy moved from the UK to Cape Town, South Africa in 2004 to establish ITWinners – a training and consulting company, focused on delivering value from IT and being a part of Africa’s new dawn.

Having spent 20 years helping develop COBIT and the COBIT training program for ISACA, Gary decided to spend more of his time in the classroom, teaching groups and individuals the benefits of best practices, and linking them to business strategy.  His classes quickly became a mix of business and IT managers, and often included executives.  He soon realised that “a good practice is only as good as the people who use them”.  He also realised that training should be part of enterprise change, not simply skills development or passing exams.  That’s how we became focused on capabilities.

In 2012 the team expanded to form a unique strategic training capability, and fill a gap not served by traditional training companies.

ITWinners has teamed up with a growing number of very experienced Associates, with the same ethics and beliefs, who want to provide genuine and trusted value-adding services. In 2016 a complete team naturally came together, able to provide guidance in all the necessary technology capabilities needed to enable enterprise strategies.

ITWinners and Associates’ philosophy has remained the same since its inception in 2003 – to transfer knowledge and expertise. To not simply fix problems, but to enable enterprises improve their capabilities with our capabilities.  To be a strategic partner committed to business value.

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