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Business Relationship Management

Breaking down silos and hierarchies. Creating a collaborative culture.

Sharing responsibility for delivering value


BRM – A critical enabler of your Digital Transformation

BRM Institute, formed in 2013, approaches business relationship management in a way that is disrupting traditional thinking. “BRM” is much more than just a role that may simply be a client manager or account manager.

Our BRM coaching team is the most experienced in the world, and includes three BRM practitioners and two former CIOs. Our team is also committed and involved with the Institute, serving on the Knowledge team, the Relationshipism team, the Knowledge Provision Council and are serving members of the world’s first physical BRM Chapter Board (the creation of which was spearheaded by Gary Hardy).

In 2018 Gary was awarded Consultant of the Year and was also given the Institute’s most prestigious award – the “Arnie”.

Business Relationship Management breaks down silos and hierarchies, creating a collaborative culture that shares responsibility for delivering value. Rather than simply being an order taker or a service provider, the goal is to be a trusted advisor and strategic partner.

The Practice of BRM is both an art and a science that embodies a set of competencies (e.g. knowledge, skills, and behaviours) that can be leveraged through:

A strategic organizational capability

Organizational roles

A discipline

A philosophy

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Originally focused on overcoming the divide between IT providers, and business units frustrated with poor returns on investments and unreliable service, Business Relationship Management deals with all support functions such as HR and Finance as well as Technology in all its forms, whether internal or outsourced.

BRM is based on a philosophy and leadership style that encourages doing “the right thing” to add value as a team where “my success is measured by your success”. This is called “Relationshipism” and no other practice is addressing this term like BRM.

#Relationshipism is the theory of being relationship-centered in all aspects of life, and especially in organizations. It promotes trusted teams, a mindful focus on authentic relationships, increased personal power and fearless creativity. Relationshipism, built on principles of cognitive science and social intelligence, provides infinite value as it expands the focus of society from shareholder value to the satisfaction of personal purpose, organizational purpose, and societal impact.


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