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This unique and practical workshop enables the theory of BRM to be translated into a strategy for adoption. It provides you with roadmap for improved BRM capability to achieve strategic partnering, leveraging the new BRM Playbook in a technologically advanced interactive workshop.

Before the class you will be given access to the ITWinners online classroom environment, to capture your ideas and challenges to share with the group.  During the workshop you can use your device to follow presentations and links to BRM Institute’s online Playbook content. You will also participate in live wiki discussions and storytelling interactions.

After the workshop, the interactions will continue – helping you formulate, develop and share your adoption plans with colleagues for the year ahead.

  • The Strategic Partnering Approach guides the participant through a framework aimed at leveraging a business relationship management (BRM) capability to drive business value, build strategic business partnerships, and evolve enterprise culture.
  • While most organizations have some level of BRM capability, the Strategic Partnering Approach is designed to help business professionals engaging key stakeholders in co-creating a roadmap for reaching and sustaining strategic partnerships that drive increased collaboration and ensure value optimization across the organization.
  • The Strategic Partnering Approachserves as an addition to BRM Institute’s current BRM certification programs, BRMP® and CBRM®, which are designed to be delivered and received at an individual level.
  • Any organization that is launching a BRM capability, working to improve its BRM capability, or is interested in taking its successful BRM capability to the next level can benefit from team engagement in Strategic Partnering sessions.

The BRM Playbook ebook PDF is distributed to all participants of the workshop.

Strategic Partnering Approach Learning Objectives


Workshop participants can expect interactive and lively one-to-two-day sessions, with a deep dive into the most common obstacles experienced by organizations working to evolve their BRM capability. Among these topics are:


  1. Clarifying your organization’s goal with IT, HR, Finance and other functions as a co-leaders (Strategy)
  2. Evolving culture to support collaboration and shared ownership (Culture)
  3. Breaking down siloes to integrate different functions (Convergence)
  4. Understanding the impact BRM has on each individual function (Making It Personal)
  5. Energizing and empowering the BRM capability team (Team)
  6. Ensuring and communicating realized value (Measurement)
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