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Emerging Technologies – Cloud Computing
Governance and Strategy – BRM Institute®, COBIT® 5, Enterprise Architecture, ISACA Certifications, Interfacing ITIL® 2011,  Performance Measurement and Personal Intelligence
Security – Governance of Information Security, Implementing NIST Cyber Security using COBIT®5, ISO/IEC 27001
Service Management – Interfacing ITIL® and COBIT®

ISACA Introduces Accredited Training Program to Enhance Certification Training. Read all about it here

Cloud Computing

Understand the basic definitions and concepts of cloud computing, the cloud service models, and suggestions for adopting the cloud. Appreciate the business opportunities and challenges that cloud computing brings to an organization and how to operate, and govern cloud computing efficiently.

Business value: Make informed decisions regarding adoption of cloud based services. Identify potentially significant cost savings and improved service quality while also managing associated risks.

Courses available Lead trainer
Cloud Essentials Mariana Carroll
Cloud Essentials e-Learning n/a
Virtualisation Essentials Mariana Carroll

Business Relationship Management

Understand the importance of the business relationship manager role; specifically how it connects provider capabilities and the business demand for solutions. While generally considered to be an IT role, BRM’s ideally sit within the business and add value to any provided service, including finance, HR etc.

Business value: Ensures there is convergence between the in-house or external provider, and end customers. Creates a win-win for both parties, by delivering true business value from provided services

Courses available Trainers More info
Business Relationship Management Professional® Beatri Meyer, Carolynn Chalmers, Gary Hardy, Rob Payne Click here
Certified Business Relationship Manager® Gary Hardy


Consider typical IT challenges and appreciate the benefits of improving the governance and management of IT based on the COBIT5 framework. Understand the COBIT5 concepts, processes and other enablers, including good practices, roles and responsibilities, performance measures and example artefacts. Learn about both CMM and ISO15504 based process maturity assessment techniques and the COBIT5 continual improvement implementation method.

Business value: Maximise the value from IT investments while managing IT related risks. Improve decision making, trust in IT and ability to respond quickly to new technology opportunities.

Courses available Lead trainer
Foundation Gary Hardy
Foundation e-Learning n/a
Implementation Gary Hardy

Enterprise Architecture

Understand enterprise architecture principles and in-depth practices based on best practice frameworks. Learn how to define the enterprise operating model based on business process, organisational structures, information assets and technical infrastructure.

Business value: Enhance the ability to implement and maintain enterprise solutions cost effectively and ensure interoperability and effective integration. Create a knowledge base that provides an understanding of how the enterprise operates including governance and management functions, reducing dependency on individuals.

Course Lead trainer
Practitioner Louw Labuschagne

ISACA Certifications; CGEIT, CISA, CISM

CGEIT recognizes a range of professionals for their knowledge and application of enterprise IT governance principles and practices. CGEIT provides the credibility to discuss critical issues around governance and strategic alignment based on recognized skills, knowledge and business experience. The CISA certification is world-renowned as the standard of achievement for those who audit, control, monitor and assess an organisation’s information technology and business systems. Management-focused CISM is the globally accepted standard for those who design, build and manage enterprise information security programs. CISM is the leading credential for information security managers.

Course Lead trainer More info
Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT Rob Payne Click here
Certified Information Systems Auditor Mariana Carroll Click here
Certified Information Security Manager Malcolm Parker Click here

Interfacing ITIL® 2011 and COBIT® 5

Understand how to tailor these practices to suit the enterprise, ensuring that any improvement initiative is driven by business priorities and requirements. Learn how to effectively adopt and utilise these two best practices as complementary tools, resulting in improved IT service capability that is aligned with business and governance requirements. You will learn how to realise the value from your IT investments and services, enabling you to achieve cost effective IT solutions.

Business value: Implementing best professional management practices should be a management imperative. ITIL and COBIT are two of the most widely adopted frameworks and when used together as complementary tools they can provide a powerful solution to your organisation’s service management and governance needs.

Course Lead trainer
 Interfacing ITIL® 2011 and COBIT® 5 Gary Hardy

Performance Measurement

Understand how to implement an effective framework for defining and monitoring IT performance goals and metrics. Learn how to develop scorecards for business and IT stakeholders based on COBIT5 with real world examples using the Metricus framework.

Business value: IT no longer a “black box” but transparent. Provides management with the tools to direct and monitor all IT-related activities including operations, projects, and financial aspects. Drives improvement actions and reduces costs of manual monitoring such as spreadsheets and reporting packs.

Course Lead trainer
 Practitioner Gary Hardy

Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ):  Future Fit Now

Personal Intel frees the mind to identify innovative, agile solutions and minimises the risk of project failure – by turning conflict into collaboration. Greater team cohesion means less point-scoring, and more focus on priorities. Benefits are accelerated when members of opposing teams attend together

Business value: Unlocks the hidden potential of your staff enabling them to collaborate and connect with your corporate values and achieve personal goals

Courses available Lead trainer More info
Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ):  Future Fit Now Steph Vermeulen Click here

Governance of Information Security

Understand how information security should be driven in a systematic manner by business requirements. Learn how to involve key management stakeholders in defining security requirements, based on COBIT5 and ISO27000.

Business value: Take ownership of security at board and executive level, ensuring that information security is not tackled piecemeal but completely in line with good practice and business needs. Address all aspects not just technical measures and ensure a return on investment.

Courses available Lead trainer
 Governance of Information Security Gary Hardy

Implementing NIST Cyber Security using COBIT®5

Understand how internet related security threats can be prevented and incidents addressed using the NIST cyber security framework, with implementation guidance based on COBIT5.

Business value: Address cyber threats properly with ownership at board and executive level covering protection as well as response. Of particular value to critical infrastructure organisations

Course Lead trainer
 Implementing the NIST Cybersecurity Framework Using COBIT® 5 Gary Hardy

ISO/IEC 27001

Understand the standard for information security management and learn how to implement a security management system approach for implementing information security controls aligned with business needs.

Business value: Ensure that information security is not tackled piecemeal but completely and systematically in line with good practice and business needs. Address all aspects not just technical measures and optionally be certified according to the standard.

Course Lead trainer
 Foundation Louw Labuschagne
Practitioner [Coming soon] Louw Labuschagne
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