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In today’s digital enterprise, with new and exciting technologies emerging almost every day, a critical capability is the ability to leverage emerging technologies to enable new business strategies and transform operating models.

Our services here are provided by Dr. Mariana Carroll guiding clients through their tech-transformation.  Mariana is an enthusiastic technology advisor and academic. She has a passion for consulting and training services and solutions around Emerging Technologies. She consults on major projects for large corporates across the globe, advising on cutting-edge research, insights and solutions with a strong focus on Africa.

During her tenure at Deloitte she launched and steered the Cloud Computing Centre of Excellence, as well as a research and eminence unit called Deloitte TechSights Africa. Mariana currently facilitates the CIO Transition Labs at Deloitte.


Mariana built her professional career on the belief that knowledge and transformation are the two fundamental building blocks of any successful organisation and strives to add value to people by helping them excel at work.


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