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Perhaps the most critical capability of all in an enterprise is the ability for people to act effectively with one another. Implementing good practice is both an Art and a Science, yet best practices focus mostly on the “Science” part describing methods that should be followed.  Training and associated exams tend to follow the same limited scope of teaching and learning fact based methods without explaining the “soft side” of how people need to adapt in order to apply these techniques.

A good practice is only as good as the people who use it

Technology has created a communications challenge through the use of jargon by technicians. It creates fear among users who feel they are not “tech-savvy” enough to express their needs. The resulting communication gap leads to misunderstandings, false assumptions about requirements, low levels of trust in service providers and ultimately a huge cost in terms of wasted investments.

Emotional Intelligence requires an awareness of what you and others are thinking and feeling as they communicate, including:

  • Understanding and empathizing with the other persons point of view
  • Understanding yourself, including what’s really troubling you and what you really want• Staying motivated to understand and empathize with the person you’re interacting with
  • Communicating clearly and effectively, even when delivering negative messages
  • Building strong, trusting, and rewarding relationships, thinking creatively, solving problems, and resolving conflicts

We “help people help themselves” by emphasising the practical application of good practices in our training and workshops. We’ve partnered with South Africa’s original EQ guru, Steph Vermeulen who created “Personal Intelligence” training (combining EQ with IQ) which we’re proud to offer. We also provide BRM training, which includes Personal Communications as a key competence.


Author: Stephanie Vermeulen

Personal Intelligence [EQ+IQ]: Future Fit Now
Stephanie Vermeulen is one of the leading pioneers in the field of EQ. She is the author of the 1999 best-seller EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone and – for the past two decades – has embraced the groundbreaking scientific advances that have matured EQ into the all-encompassing Personal Intelligence.

In this new book, she successfully cuts through the burgeoning self-help crescendo to deliver a blueprint for reality.

Available in bookstores, at Amazon (Kindle) or order direct from Porcupine Press



Author: Stephanie Vermeulen

EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone
Stephanie Vermeulen’s book EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone uniquely contains a comprehensive emotional dictionary. Use it to understand and work with the intelligence of your feelings.

Stephanie Vermeulen is one of the top visionary thinkers in the country and the best in her field. This publication is an exceptional addition to her work and is sure to stimulate and inspire. Masterfully written, it’s easy to understand and is the best book that I’ve ever read on EQ.

Available in bookstores, at Amazon (Kindle) or order direct from Porcupine Press


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