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Meet the Team

The ITWinners team is focused on improving capabilities to deliver IT value and converge with real business needs. Our aim is to help you align required capabilities with your strategic objectives and then develop improvements by a combination of training, workshops and mentoring. Using our experience and expertise, we’ll help you improve skills, processes and organisational roles based on available good practices.

Gary Hardy CBRM, CGEIT – Managing Director [Cape Town, South Africa]

Gary is the founder and owner of IT Winners.  He has always been passionate about enabling business leaders to deliver value from technology. He also believes in “true consulting and education” i.e. enabling clients to improve performance by facilitating adoption and implementation of new capabilities.

Gary has over 40 years experience in the IT industry and is recognised globally as an expert and thought leader in IT and business convergence, governance and adoption of best practices. Following an IT career in the Aerospace and Oil industries, Gary has held leadership positions at Deloitte and Arthur Andersen, and also with one of the UK’s leading IT security companies

Gary was one of the originators of the COBIT framework and was a key member of ISACA’s COBIT development team for over 20 years. He is a long standing member of ISACA, a past board member, UK chapter President and Regional Vice-President.

Gary is the BRM Institute‘s Ambassador for sub-Saharan Africa and is a member of the BRM Institute’s Executive Council. He is a CBRM® and BRMP® trainer.

Gary holds a BSc. (Hons) in Computer Science, and is a certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM) and is certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT).



Marc Morley BRMP – Operations Director [Cape Town, South Africa]

Having served a healthy sentence in Finance (his entire working life…) Marc decided to switch careers and continents at the same time. He moved to Cape Town in 2012 and has spent the time since helping to grow ITWinners. While his background is in numbers, he has a real passion for technology and innovation, and he’s also partial to a bit of sun, so this move was an easy one for him! Of course, every worthwhile change involves challenges, but with every challenge comes the opportunity to learn, develop and succeed. In this role, not only does he enjoy the journey himself, he’s able to watch others do it too. Sharing in the success of others is quickly becoming one of his favourite pastimes, and he considers himself fortunate to be working with a group of expert associates who share this sentiment


ITWinners is delighted to work with Associates who share our philosophy and work ethics enabling us to develop and provide a coherent and full range of capabilities.  Each is committed to offering a sustainable value contribution, by guiding and transferring knowledge – rather than simply providing deliverables. Our Associates also offer further services themselves that go beyond the scope of ITWinners.  More information is provided below.

Our reputation speaks for itself, we are known as trusted advisors, and we’re proud that each of our Associates conduct their business with the same level of integrity and passion.   We all regard our clients as business partners.

Alex Jacobsen BRMP [Copenhagen, Denmark]

Business growth: Alex is driven by business development in the space between clients, technology and processes. From positions in Board of Directors, Advisory Boards and directorships, he works with growth strategies. For example, by creating and implementing top level strategies and governance; through customer journey maps and customer experience programs; or through direct marketing, sales and behavioral science initiatives. Alex uses his hands-on IT competencies as well as strategic IT knowledge to help clients realize more value from IT.
With passion for digitalization and customers, Alex uses relationship management to understand needs as input to valuable solutions. The business development approach has been key in changing companies. Alex holds a M.Sc.E. and is a first lieutenant.

Alexandra Salas BRMP [San José, Costa Rica]

Alexandra has been working in the ICT environment for more than 18 years in South and Central America, seeing and witnessing most of the huge technology changes -and how the information technologies have become pervasive in everybody's life. Alexandra is a continuous learner, curious and experimenter, specialized in to integrate best practices such as BRM, TOGAF, COBIT and ITIL into companies.

Alexandra is always thinking and developing ideas about how to use technology for a better life. Alexandra is an Electronics Engineer, with a Technology Management Specialization and a Master in Information Technology Management. Alexandra is living in Costa Rica, the “Pura Vida” country.

For more information visit: https://ascal-txdx.com/

Carolynn Chalmers CBRM, CGEIT [Cape Town, South Africa]

Carolynn is best known for her successes in leading large, complex, strategic interventions – she attributes this success to the application of good governance principles. Carolynn is a Corporate Governance advisor, specialising in the areas of IT and Information Governance. Carolynn has extensive management and governance experience and has held various Board and Executive roles for international, listed and unlisted organisations.

Carolynn holds an MSc from the University of Cape Town;  is an IT Governance facilitator for the Institute of Directors; is a member of the IITPSA’s Western Cape committee; is certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), and is a certified Business Relationship Management BRMP® trainer.

For more information contact carolynn.chalmers@itwinners.com or visit: www.candorgovernance.com

HaydenHayden Williams BRMP [Cape Town, South Africa]

Hayden is focused on delivering customer value founded on the diverse business and systems knowledge and experience internationally established in a predominantly ICT focused career spanning more than 30 years. He was an Executive CIO for a multi-national company responsible for SA and the African region.

Hayden is passionate in the ability of a business or individual to manage and harness change. Effective Leadership, a solid Governance foundation and Trust are the fundamentals of successful change/growth initiatives.

His value proposition is based on a mature insight and understanding of the dynamics of leadership, stakeholder management, strategy alignment and process optimisation at both the executive and operational levels of business. He is an accredited PMP with considerable program and project management experience.

For more information contact hayden.williams@itwinners.com

Jeremy Byrne, CBRM [Loughborough, England]

Jeremy is a passionate strategic business focused IT business relationship manager, striving for stakeholder satisfaction through strategic service delivery alignment, continual service improvement and innovation. He has built on both his business and technical skill sets, becoming a well-rounded strategically focused manager.

His Masters qualification in Management and Leadership in Higher Education, helped improve his knowledge of University strategy and business functions – enabling him to apply theory to his business relationship management and ITIL service management skills.

Jeremy excels at converting complex stakeholder requirements, from a variety of business unit types, into long term strategies, projects or service improvement plans. He utilises business analysis and business process reengineering skills from within the IT department to ensure successful value delivery

John ThorpJohn Thorp [Vancouver, Canada]

John’s passion revolves around helping individuals, enterprises and society realise the value of information technology‐enabled change. In today’s age of digital exploration, realising this value requires going beyond frameworks and methodologies – it will require a fundamental mindset shift around organisational leadership and governance.

John is an internationally recognised leader in the field of value and benefits management with over 50 years of experience in the information management field, including technical, management and executive positions. He has addressed and advised leaders of some of the world’s largest enterprises.
Author of “The Information Paradox”, John also led the development of the ITGI’s Val IT™ Framework, is a member APM UK’s Benefits Management SIG, ISO’s working group on Corporate Governance of IT, and the Innovation Value Institute (IVI) working group on Business Value Management. He is a Fujitsu Consulting Fellow, a Fellow of IVI, and of the Institute for Digital Transformation.

For more information visit: www.thorpnet.com

Louis Stanford BRMP [Cape Town, South Africa]

Louis is a service management expert and strategic systems thinker, concerned with addressing the underlying reasons why IT finds it so difficult to articulate and deliver their full potential value to the business. He is focused on helping enterprises realise value from their IT investments, through effective adoption of good management practice. He is passionate about helping people think differently about the work they do, and helping them to achieve very different results through a careful and practical application of theoretical principles.

Louis is accredited in ITIL, COBIT and BRMP and is considered one of the leading ITIL trainers in Africa.

For more information visit: www.serviceflow.co.za

louwLouw Labuschagne [Johannesburg, South Africa]

Louw is passionate about all aspects of information management and can act as strategist, architect, and trainer with over 20 years experience. He has established training and mentoring programmes for architects, business analysts, developers and project managers and leads Enterprise Architecture workshops and the establishment of an EA Practice methodology.

Louw understands knowledge management and has a natural strength of sharing, discussing and teaching others within his field of experience, while also being able to design and develop the platforms to support this.
Louw has a M. Tech. Professional Practice in I.T , MBA , B.Tech. Information Technology , Certified TOGAF™ 9 Practitioner, Certified Zachman Practitioner, Certified ArchiMate™2 Practitioner.

For more information visit: www.csinteractivetraining.com

Lucas Mogashoa [Johannesburg, South Africa]

Lucas is passionate about showing the value that IT can add to business strategies. As a former CIO Lucas recognised the importance of stakeholder relationships and effective governance in the delivery of business value and management of risk. He became one of the few people with a significant IT leadership background to take on an executive role for IT governance and information security advising the Board of the FirstRand Group.

Lucas’s 30+ years experience has been in several industries of the private sector, as well as a strategic role at SITA (State IT Agency). He has worked at all levels from operational IT up to CIO, engaging at all levels including on Board committees. He is most passionate about forging good relationships with stakeholders, as that simplifies engagements and the delivery of value from initiatives. He enjoys passing on his experience and enabling change by mentoring individuals.

MarianaDr. Mariana Carroll PhD, CISA [London, England]

Mariana is an enthusiastic technology advisor and academic. She has a passion for consulting and training services and solutions around Emerging Technologies. She consults on projects for start-ups, medium and large organisations across the globe, advising on cutting-edge research, insights and solutions with a strong focus on Africa.

Mariana built her professional career on the belief that knowledge and transformation are the two fundamental building blocks of any successful organisation and strives to add value to people by helping them excel at work. During her tenure at Deloitte, she launched and steered the Cloud Computing Centre of Excellence, as well as a research and eminence unit called Deloitte TechSights Africa. Mariana currently facilitates the CIO Transition Labs at Deloitte South Africa.

For more information: www.marianacarroll.com

Peter HarrisonPeter Harrison [Sydney, Australia]

Peter is a leading global consultant in Value Management. He has worked with scores of organisations to bring an outcomes and value focus to their portfolio of projects and programs to realise the business value of their digitally enabled and transformation investments. He helps organisations move their culture and introduce capabilities beyond just ‘project delivery’ to the achievement of business value from their digital investments.

He works with executives at an enterprise level firstly to educate, then to establish and optimise the value management disciplines of value governance, portfolio management and benefits realisation.

Peter was a member of ISACA’s COBIT 5 Task Force, Val IT Steering, and contributor to the bestselling book The Information Paradox – Realising the Business Benefits of Information Technology authored by John Thorp (DMR Consulting).

For more information visit: www.valuemanagementconsulting.com

RobRobert Payne BRMP, CGEIT [Cape Town, South Africa]

Robert has a passion for the formulation and execution of enterprise strategy and the integration and alignment of IT with enterprise strategy, designed to deliver optimal value to his clients through active participation in their business processes.

Robert has fifteen years of management experience in a variety of industries and organizations where his responsibilities included general management, IT management (up to CIO level), GIS management and project management.
Robert also has over ten years of specialist consulting experience, predominantly in the areas of corporate strategy, performance management and IT governance. He has been an active IT governance practitioner, and participated in the development of COBIT 4.1® through COBIT 5®. He also contributed to the production of licensed training material for COBIT 4.1® and COBIT 5® and has delivered IT governance training to many students.

Robert is a B.Sc. Eng. (Civil), MBL, CGEIT and BRMP®

For more information contact rob.payne@itwinners.com or visit www.lode-star.co.za

StephSteph Vermeulen [Johannesburg, South Africa]

Steph inspires people to develop a healthy appetite for what she terms the exhilarating disruptive revolution. Three times published, she has been a leading pioneer in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for two decades and her boundless energy makes her an acclaimed speaker and facilitator. Steph takes her responsibility seriously to keep up-to-date with inspiring breakthroughs about the human brain and – even though her work is rooted in science – she emphasises the practical application of Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ).

Steph was one of the first practitioners to introduce the practical application of EQ into her seminars in 1996 and her bestselling book – EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone – followed in 1999. She is an entrepreneur who develops material for both business and public applications

For more information visit http://www.eqsa.co.za/

Winston Hayden [Cape Town, South Africa]

Winston is a recognized industry leader in Information Technology Governance, and Cybersecurity. Winston has over 20 years hands-on experience in the IT industry, across various sectors. He is a former Executive and President of ISACA South and has contributed towards various IT governance publications, most notably the King III Report of Corporate Governance, and the COBIT5 and COBIT2019 Governance Frameworks.

Winston has also been a member of the South African National Standards ISO Development Workgroup for IT Governance (ISO-38500) and IT Service Management (ISO-20000). He now provides executive advisory and management consulting specializing in Cybersecurity.

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