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The execution of digital strategies is not simply about implementation of new technologies. The largest proportion of executing a digital strategy will be organisational change, introducing new business models that require different business processes and ways of working. These changes will on the one hand impact organisation culture and individual behaviour. On the other hand successful execution of a digital strategy will require appropriate leadership behaviour and a supporting organisation culture.

An organisational development (OD) capability addresses the alignment of organisation strategy, leadership behaviour, structures, processes and people with the rapidly changing and complex environments caused by new technologies and digital strategies.  It is critical that organisational culture evolves to support what can be radical shifts in the business and its relationship with customers and service providers.  Executives need to enable new collaborations, make critical decisions with regard to sharing data, technology infrastructure and use of emerging solutions. Employees need to adjust to very different working environments, different roles and the use of new tools and techniques.

We guide the OD capability required to tackle these changes that will be specific to each organisation’s strategy and environment. The goal is to enhance the organisation’s capacity to handle the new operating models and internal and external relationships. Improvements will include more appropriate leadership styles and decision making; adoption of new business processes; effective communication of strategic values and goals; and creating better levels of trust and collaboration between business units.

An OD capability which enables successful execution of strategy and transitioning to new business models is critical. Encouraging participation in the change process and sharing responsibility for the co-creation of a successful outcome are key success factors in the sustainable execution of a digital strategy

The OD capability goes hand-in-hand with Strategy and Architecture and is closely linked to Business Relationship Management


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