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Our services focus on the delivery of value from technology enabled business changes

Technology has such a high impact on enterprise strategy and operations and  competitiveness in an increasingly information dependent world.  Business executives have never been more interested in the potential use of technology to increase business performance, presenting a window of opportunity to help engage them in the need for capability building.

Governance and effective stakeholder relationships ensure that enterprises achieve effective and transparent use of technology to deliver business value, while addressing new risks.  This requires teamwork and shared responsibilities at all levels from top management downwards.

We believe that consultants should not simply supply staff to do the job. We guide and mentor you as a business partner. We’ll help you develop the capabilities necessary to sustain, then continually improve your investment in technology

Our services support continual improvement transformation programmes by providing educational interventions, coaching and on-the -job consulting.  Improvement is usually focused on maturing capabilities, policy and organisational transition to increase the return on investment, reduce risks and lower costs . Using our experience and expertise, we are able to spend less time analysing and assessing and more time enabling our client to transform its working practices.

Our approach to education is different. Our focus is on making a difference. Our interventions are practical, insightful and most importantly, facilitated by people who have real-world experience. We measure our success by the positive impact we have on your organization and its people

We focus on what we believe to be the most important areas in a digital environment, and make use of the most strategic best practices. In particular we are able to guide Strategy, Business Relationship Management from the BRM Institute, and ISACA’s COBIT resources and KING IV for Governance implementation. Topics such as Value Management, Enterprise Architecture, Service Management and Security often become part of the scope that our team addresses.

We emphasise the need for culture change and relationship building and use Emotional Intelligence techniques to build trust and effective communication between functions. Using a combination of workshops and focused training, we drive a top-down business driven approach that fits the unique context of your strategy and operating model, creating an holistic and cohesive foundation for executing against enterprise strategies.

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