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Personal Intelligence (EQ + IQ):  Future Fit Now

EQ All Grown Up!

Facilitated by: Steph Vermeulen www.eqsa.co.za


Exponential growth is unsettling everything from the clumsy systems that once ran the world to our core beliefs.  The only way to stay ahead while navigating this exhilarating disruptive revolution is to keep producing sweepingly innovative solutions.  To do so successfully we need to unlearn the mental and emotional habits that keep us stuck in archaic ways of doing things.


Innovation is inspiration + collaboration.  Productive co-operation produces the right results when the intensity of dialogue stirs all parties to stretch to their best thinking and best work.  Vigorous dialogue requires a healthy level of Personal Intelligence to free us from the emotional baggage and social conditioning (memes) that interfere with our ability to think clearly and communicate well.

This cutting-edge programme has been developed by Steph Vermeulen who is a global pioneer in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  She is a meme-buster who wrestles with the status quo to prepare teams to become future fit now.


Personal Intel frees the mind to identify innovative, agile solutions and minimises the risk of project failure by turning conflict into collaboration. Greater team cohesion means less point-scoring and more focus on priorities. Benefits are accelerated when members of opposing teams attend together.


Steph Vermeulen has over 20 years’ experience in personal development and was the first person to introduce EQ to the Southern African market (1996). Her background is in formal psychology but she researches her subject relentlessly to ensure you are provided with the most up-to-date information available. Steph is very down-to-earth and is ‘allergic’ to facilitators who use jargon, clichés and make flaky, unsubstantiated claims (if she uses any of these you may throw rotten tomatoes at her). Over twenty years, she has given thousands of people a new lease on life and her work has drawn her to the US, Europe, the Middle East and India.  She is the author of EQ: Emotional Intelligence for Everyone, Stitched-up: Who Fashions Women’s Lives? (also published in the US) and Personal Intelligence: Future Fit Now (EQ+IQ) (also avail on Amazon).

Personal Intelligence is a two-part programme conducted over 4 days (2 x 2 days) with a two-week break in between for reflection and integration.

The course is typically offered only to corporate clients, but ITWinners is pleased to offer a special public programme on the following dates;

Part 1   13-14 June 2017

Part 2   27-28 June 2017

The fee is ZAR 17,250 + VAT which includes all materials, meals and refreshments during the 4 day course. Discounts available for multiple bookings.

“The content and videos were intriguing and not the usual airy-fairy nonsense that you get from the normal ‘feel-good’ emotive seminars / training.”

“Gives new perspective on myself, my skills and abilities. Good examples. Good videos.  Good exercises and teamwork.”

“This is the best course I have ever attended and the most valuable as well.”

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