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Value Circle


The IT Value Circle is a South African network of business and IT individuals who believe in the need to enable an understanding of how IT can contribute to increasing business value by:

• Improving skills
• Sharing knowledge
• Leveraging good practices
• Influencing stakeholders (help them understand what value is, how to deliver it and how to measure it)
• Helping to change mindsets and cultures.

But not:
• For commercial gain
• To do research or development

Expected Outcomes:
• Empowered individuals able to drive change in their enterprises
• Improved understanding, awareness and capability through sharing of community knowledge
• Changed mindsets in relation to IT value
• Sharing of best practices and frameworks – use cases, “war stories”, techniques and challenges
• Practical lessons learnt from sharing and discussing
• Awareness of key issues and trends
• Focus on helping the Public Sector

ITWinners CC act as the secretariat. There are no fees or costs and all meetings are voluntary and hosted by members.

The IT Value Circle endeavours to empower individuals to drive positive change in their enterprise.

We share our insights and forthcoming events with our LinkedIn group. Click here if you wish to join

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