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Business & IT Converging

We no longer talk about the age-old problem of business and IT alignment. It will never be solved so long as we work in silos! Rather, our focus is on business and IT converging. Business strategies are becoming integrated enterprise strategies, which  include technology.

Linking IT capabilities with business strategy is a perennial challenge. Stakeholders need to collaborate to make business and IT decisions, since objectives can be influenced both by business problems and available technology solutions.

We provide training; workshops and tools to help develop business and technology leaders craft effective strategic plans. We use techniques such as the Balanced Scorecard, strategy maps and canvases, and best practices such as COBIT and BRM.

We also integrate strategy with architecture to ensure the necessary capabilities required to execute strategy have been identified and are understood.


Complexity of Strategy

The combination of complexity, over-stretched expectations, high probabilities of risk, and constantly changing requirements and priorities result in confused and usually disappointing views of IT performance. Without good performance reporting, it is likely that the users’ impressions will be based on inaccurate and biased views. Corrective measures will be chaotic and based on knee-jerk reactions rather than thought through actions based on analysis of root causes and real priorities.

For the senior management of many organisations, measuring the performance of IT is like driving a car with blacked windows


We believe that effective Performance Management is key for  effective monitoring of strategy execution.

It starts with setting goals and agreeing desired outcomes.

he balanced scorecard approach provides the basis for converting strategy into measurable goals and can help converge business and IT objectives into an integrated strategic plan.

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Utilising skills development workshops and purpose-built tools such as Metricus, we’ll help you measure, manage and ultimately improve IT performance.

Our Metricus framework is designed to enable real-time performance evaluation of strategic goals including IT investments and on-going measurement of business value.  Performance Measurement is a continuous process that will drive your enterprise to improve IT – by monitoring clear and achievable targets for systems, processes and people.  Critically, it enables you to link IT performance measures to the strategic goals of the enterprise.

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