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Internal and External Collaboration is Critical

In a digital world where relationships exist everywhere, and with everyone, collaboration and agility are critical to deliver stakeholder value. Enterprises depend increasingly on internal and external service functions to meet strategic goals and to operate a sustainable and stable business.

We’re all “In the Business”

Functions such IT, HR and Finance need to work very closely and partner with business to enable business value, rather than operating at a low a level in a silo. Support functions have traditionally been regarded as a cost with limited added value. Trust tends to be low, there are communication gaps and the net effect is wasted investment in technology, human and financial resources. That’s why we have been talking about the alignment challenge for years and struggle to leverage technology for business advantage.
Business Relationship Management recognises that IT, HR and Finance are in the business and are not separate. In today’s enterprise “you can’t have one without the other” – easily proven when IT crashes for an extended period.
Business Relationship Management encourages a strategic partnering model where all functions are focused on business goals with a shared responsibility to deliver business value. BRM drives convergence of these key functions with business as a partner.

BRM – More Than Just a Role

Effective relationships require mutual understanding of WHAT is required, before assuming HOW. Business Relationship Management is an enterprise wide discipline and capability that “stimulates, surfaces, and shapes business demand for provider capabilities and ensures that the potential business value from meeting this business demand is captured, optimized, and recognized”.
The Business Relationship Manager role facilitates an effective relationship between the provider of a service and the business. Everyone who interfaces with the business partner has a specific role, and this happens at every level from strategy and architecture through to business analysis and operational service delivery and support. These are all BR roles. By collaborating across support functions the service is optimised as an investment with effective use of all resources.

BRM is not “Just a Framework”

BRM is an Art and a Science – it recognises that “good practices are only as good as the people that use them”. Culture and human behavior is critical. Having empathy and building trust is essential for effective relationships and so Business Relationship Management includes effective personal communications based on emotional intelligence practices. The other competencies are based on value creation: strategic partnering, business IQ, portfolio management, transition management and delivery of the right service capabilities to meet business demand.

The BRM Institute was incorporated in March 2013 with a mission “To inspire, promote, and develop excellence in Business Relationship Management across the globe, leading to outstanding business value for organizations and professional fulfillment of every individual member of the BRM community”.

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