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Business Relationship Management

Recognise any of these issues?

  • Business IT executives communicate amongst themselves poorly or infrequently
  • IT leaders and service providers do not ‘get’ the business requirements
  • Business leaders do not understand the potential for IT-enabled innovation
  • Potential senior-level sponsors fail to take ownership
  • IT is bureaucratic and slow to respond to add value
  • IT-enabled changes frequently fail to meet business needs and are delivered late and over budget
  • Metrics to measure IT’s success are not relevant to the business users

We live in a rapidly changing world where the business and IT are converging. Investment in information technology (IT) is not just about implementing technology itself; it is about ensuring that value is realised from business and organisational changes enabled by IT.

Service providers have a crucial role given the increasing shift towards a service model.Business and IT stakeholders need to collaborate in a shared common approach, rather than working in silos to realise value.

Today’s IT, Finance and HR Executives must act as strategic business partners

Successful business executives accept sponsor and drive investments affecting their function, and provide critical stakeholder input. Business unit executives must also ensure that their operations are aligned with the services that support it. Today’s IT, Finance and HR Executives must collaborate and act as strategic business partners, managing organisational change, guiding all actors to achieve IT-enabled strategic goals and deliver business value.

Strategic plans need to be translated into effective execution if goals are to be achieved and value realised as shown here;


Source: BRMP Body of Knowledge

We help business, IT, HR and Finance management understand these practices using management workshops, business simulations and training classes facilitated by experts with 20 plus years real-world experience. We then guide the adoption of improved organisational structures, roles and responsibilities, and defined processes based on the BRMP® Business Relationship Professional BOK and the CBRM® Certified Business Relationship Manager BOK.

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BRMP® (Business Relationship Management Professional) Carolynn Chalmers, Gary Hardy, Jeremy Byrne, Rob Payne Click here 2nd – 4th September 2019. Loughborough, England (classroom [JB])
CBRM® (Certified Business Relationship Manager) Carolynn Chalmers, Gary Hardy, Jeremy Byrne Click here 30th September – 3rd October, Loughborough, England (classroom [JB])
BRMP® (Business Relationship Management Professional)

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